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Dear runners

Unfortunately we don’t have good news for you as a user. As of May 20, 2022, it is no longer possible to use the Smart Medal app.

We started off this app with the ambition to build an independent and long term app. Over the past three years, we have been building a service to honor all running medals because we believe that every medal tells a story. More than 30.000 runners told more than 85.000 unique stories, from Major Marathon events to the smallest charity runs.

Due to the pandemic and the changing digital landscape, there are currently other challenges that are more of a priority for event organizers and sponsors. Because of this, the future of Smart Medal does not look promising enough to continue with the Smart Medal app.
It has been a dream for us as runners ourselves to launch this service and for that we would like to deeply thank our users as well as our partners NN Group and TCS.

Please note: the app does not provide an export functionality to save your data. After May 20, 2022, all user data will be deleted.

Team Smart Medal

Go back in time with data and media

Connected medals will show you the data, photos and videos from that race. You can even add your own photos and your finish time.

Are your medals not yet connected? No problem! Just add them, and we will make them smart too. How cool is that?

82,184 medals collected by users.

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